6 December 2011: From this date onwards, paint strippers containing dichloromethane (DCM) concentrations equal or greater than 0.1 % will no longer be available for private or commercial use in EU member states.
http://www.eascr.org/The "DCM Paint Stripper Countdown” reflects the decision by the European Parliament and Council of 6 May 2009 to change the EU Directive 76/769/EWG on limiting the marketing and use of dangerous substances and to include dichloromethane. In order to become legally binding, these provisions need to be included in the EU’s REACH Regulation that came into force on 1 June 2009. The Commission services have been preparing for this transition, and, according to their own current statement, Directive 455/2009/EC on dichloromethane paint strippers will be included in Annex XVII of REACH through a further amendment to be adopted by the Commission at the beginning of March 2010.

All approved restrictions under Directive 76/769/EEC - as published in the EU’s official journal on 3 June 2009 - will be fully adopted into Annex XVII of the REACH Directive with identical content and deadlines. Professional DCM paint stripping (e.g. by decorators) will be banned as of 6 June 2012, unless a member state applies for a specific national exception. This would then only be granted for licensed professionals with specialist training and will most likely reduce their number significantly. It will also require comprehensive measures to ensure health and personal protection, and the EU Commission will publish a list of countries that have applied for a derogation